Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Counter Messed Up

The counter is still messed up. We will have it fixed soon, but if not I just may do without one and think that millions are visiting this site.

Some of the NJT pages have been updated due to some Coach USA bus-swapping on the new 8400-series buses.

Monday, July 30, 2001

What Time Is It?

We have fixed the time. For some reason the Blogger defaults to Pacific time. When I changed it, it somehow wound up in the time zone for Aruba. Now it seems to be correct. The posts will now show accurate time making this an attractive feature for people investigating me for whatever reason.

But since you can Blog from anywhere, you can't really pinpoint someone's location based on where they actually Blog from. (Whew.)

Sunday, July 29, 2001

Hey, Robair...

Personal to RWM... you didn't think I was really gonna change it, did you?

Counter Update

The magically disappearing and reappearing counter will soon be reappearing with a much higher number because I have decided to add in the 14,000 or so page hits I received when this site was on Cybercomm. I have decided to change to a server-side counter.

Now It Should Work!

Okay, so I had to change the page design just a little to get the blog to show up properly. We should be fine now.

Over on the WB Animation side, I failed to get an updated title card for "A Bird In A Bonnet", which aired for the first time on Cartoon Network today. But hopefully the CN can run this reel into the ground, given time. (How many times can you watch "Rocket Bye Baby"?)

Does It Work?

Now for my next trick...seeing if it updates properly.

Welcome To My Blog!

This is the Blogger. Since Robair has successfully proven that the Blogger can work, we have decided to adopt it over on this side. Please be sure to visit www.blogger.com and see for yourself this powerful tool.

We will keep you updated on the status of all of the davemackey.com pages here. Also if I get cranky about a topic, I may surprise you and post it up here.

Such as Penelope Cruz. Gee, nice of her to have a romance with a high-profile actor just as she has a movie to promote. Movie bombs, romance ends?

Like I said, welcome to the Blogger.