Monday, April 07, 2014


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Monday, March 17, 2014

The New No No-Hitters

Dirk Lammers has reworked the No No-Hitters website to now feature the no-hit futility of the San Diego Padres, who, since joining the National League in 1969, are the only remaining major league team to never have one of its pitchers throw a no-hitter. As you know, the genesis of the original Mets No-No Hitters website was this website right here, who began tracking the Mets games without a no hitter several years before Lammers took up the cause. We briefly featured the Padres' number, usually accompanied by a picture of Padres broadcaster Dick Enberg, taken during his time hosting some game show or another.

The evening Johan Santana threw his no-hitter - June 1, 2012 - I talked to a teacher friend of mine who knew the cryptic numbers I tweeted or put on Facebook every night, and she said "What number are you going to put up tonight?" I told her, after a little thought, "8020." Well as we all know it never happened.

Monday, January 27, 2014

For Those Who Have Been Wondering

Last year, the Super Bowl Ad Review took a hiatus, simply because I wasn't too thrilled that the game itself was no longer the premiere venue of the advertising. Most of the spots had already broken online or elsewhere by the time the game had been played.

As of this year, I am making the hiatus permanent, meaning we will no longer devote the blog to this activity. (I'm also not sure what we are going to be doing with this blog going forward.) I firmly believe that the age of really good Super Bowl-caliber creative has passed, and the ad agencies are no longer the sole creative geniuses, passing the torch to any Joe Blow who can make a Vine. Show it five times for your :30 spot, add in some DO NOT ATTEMPT disclaimers and your product logo, and there's your boring ad. The ad agencies are clearly looking for viral quality stuff now and creative that looks like it was made with Instagram on an iPhone.

There is also a logistic issue involved: by the time I get home from work on Sunday, the game will be half over! So for the first time, radio is going to be my primary source for game information that day.