Thursday, June 23, 2005

that was annoying™

My partner in crime, Robair, informs me that there are BACK TO SCHOOL displays up at Staples already!

There are some schools that aren't even finished yet and Staples is worried about making sure Johnny has enough looseleaf paper to make it through the school year.

Between that and the TV networks incessantly pushing fall shows before the calendar reads July 1, can't we just enjoy summer for a change?

Friday, June 17, 2005

A Face That Can Sell Vacuum Cleaners

Remember Trading Spaces? That show that used to be on TLC where people swapped houses and redecorated rooms? I have no freaking idea about the show that replaced it, but what we miss most about the old TS are the people. Those who are walking zombie-like around the hostless landscape of the post-Paige Davis TS are doppelgangers for the real stars of the show.

Take for example this lady. You will remember Genevieve Gorder as the very blonde, very buxom, very crafty designer of many great rooms. Along the way she became the spokesperson for Swiffer. Six months or so ago, Swiffer was all set to roll out the new Sweep Vac, but ran into some recall snafus and an entire ad campaign with Genevieve was trashed. Well, the bugs are out of the vac, and Gen rides again with her most appealing commercial to date for the Swiffer folks. Here's a teaser image; more to come next week sometime when I get back from a couple of days R&R. (Today was the first day of my summer break. I trimmed my lawn and changed the oil and washed and cleaned out my van. That's a big accomplishment for the first day.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New Blog

Of all the years to pick to be a rookie at Stamford, why did it have to be the year Amy Reynaldo buzz-sawed through the joint, winning B and dashing all my hopes for top rookie? Read her blog, just started this morning, and see what other interesting stuff she has to say about crosswords and other matters.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Puzzle Update

The August 2005 Games should now be on newsstands. Look for my latest published puzzle, "In The Chips" on page 19.

It was announced this week that The New York Times will now be paying out the highest rates in the puzzle industry as of July 3 - $125 for a 15x15 daily, and $600 (!) for a 21x21 or 23x23 Sunday. When Will Shortz was appointed puzzle editor of the Times in 1993, these rates were a mere $50 for a daily and $150 for a Sunday, so Will is cognizant of the fact that the Times puzzles are the best in the business and their constructors should be so compensated.

I found out from Will in the process of congratulating him on the rate raise that my first NYT puzzle will be appearing within a few weeks (as coyly noted a few weeks ago). When I get a definite date, I will let you know.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Personal to S.A.

The little flaps on the shirt go under the tie.

(Hope someone translates that little fashion tip.)

#6892: Oh, So Close

Pedro Martinez has been the most exciting pickup on the Mets, and once again he has delivered a solid victory. Unfortunately, along the way, he gave up two hits and took his no-hitter into the seventh inning.

I am dead solid convinced that if anyone is going to break this 43-year curse, it's got to be Pedro.