Monday, March 17, 2014

The New No No-Hitters

Dirk Lammers has reworked the No No-Hitters website to now feature the no-hit futility of the San Diego Padres, who, since joining the National League in 1969, are the only remaining major league team to never have one of its pitchers throw a no-hitter. As you know, the genesis of the original Mets No-No Hitters website was this website right here, who began tracking the Mets games without a no hitter several years before Lammers took up the cause. We briefly featured the Padres' number, usually accompanied by a picture of Padres broadcaster Dick Enberg, taken during his time hosting some game show or another.

The evening Johan Santana threw his no-hitter - June 1, 2012 - I talked to a teacher friend of mine who knew the cryptic numbers I tweeted or put on Facebook every night, and she said "What number are you going to put up tonight?" I told her, after a little thought, "8020." Well as we all know it never happened.