Thursday, August 17, 2006

7116: Greetings From Section 309!

I wasn't able to more instantly post the update to the ever-increasing string of Mets games without a no-hitter today, because I had the pleasure of actually watching the Mets game in person today at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, a very nice ball park, but a bitch to get out of the parking lot of.

It makes me more anxious to experience the Mets' new ballpark, which is scheduled to open in 2009 and replace the soon-to-be-demolished Shea Stadium. I like the more angular, more square-ish design of these new stadiums, with crazy angles in the outfields that long balls can just carom around in like pinballs, and think the old round-style, symmetrical ball parks are so dull and passe. Citizens Bank Park, which I have never attended before, has very nice sight lines throughout, a neat center-field concourse named for the late Richie Ashburn, a beloved Phillies figure even though he spent time with the Mets early on, and a restaurant honoring sportscaster Harry Kalas. Even though the Phillies aren't my team (especially in the last week, where they took three of four from the Mets), I can appreciate the contributions of the great Phils over the years including Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt and Greg Luzinski. It was great to soak in their history for a day, but I couldn't show up wearing anything but a Mets shirt - and thankfully, I had lots of company.

Tomorrow, it's back to watching the game on TV...

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