Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Mets No-Hitter Count Rides Again!

Started eons ago by Robair on his old "Eggplant" blog (remember that?), we will once again be daily updating that number you see on the left side of the main page. And hopefully not for too much longer.

2007 begins my fifth decade of being a Mets fan. And lo those many forty years, the New York Mets have deprived its fans of baseball's ultimate joy - a no-hitter. There've been a number of one-hitters, and some of the Mets pitchers came very close last year. But this is the year I'd like to see one.

Please, Mets pitchers. Bring your A game to the mound every time out so I don't have to add one to this stinking number any more.

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