Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Whatever Happened To...

The Happy Little Wheel Alignment Bear? (Warning: Article is 13 years old.)

UPDATE - He's alive and well and also in Canada now.

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Steve Carras said...

Hi, Dave, I saw this over a year aog on your blog and I remember this critter was everywhere on one old time radio ad for Christmas [titled "canned laughter"!] with NO "Bear Alignment" trademark reference, and other unrelated little bear sightings? Well, let's just say around 1962 good old Allan Sherman put on one of his WB comedy LP's various different poses of this bear, LAUGHING!

And BEAR didn't even seem to mind THE GRATEFUL DEAD appropriating his likewise, and I won't get started on the,uh...LAUGHING BEAR Newsletter.

All without any automotive reference.