Monday, April 20, 2009

"Hollywood Squares", Old School

Has there been a game show with as many different theme music variations as "The Hollywood Squares", considering all the versions that have aired over the years? I generally don't link to these sorts of videos on YouTube, but this one is an exception. This is an end-of-show cut of one of the earlier versions of the show theme. Entitled "The Silly Song", it was composed by veteran television and film composer Jimmie Haskell and was used on the show from 1966-1969. It was supplanted by the composition more identified with that version of "Squares", which was called "Merrill and Bob's Theme" (honoring producers Heatter and Quigley) and was composed by William Loose.

There were maybe a half dozen more theme songs for "Squares" in the ensuing years, but this one seemed to be the most fun.

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Callie said...

I'll take Paul Lynde to block, Peter. :D