Monday, June 22, 2009

Changes To The Blogroll

We are making a few changes to the blogroll. We have added a thoughtful blog from Case Wagenvoord, who is a member of my church choir. We have moved Pastor Adam's blog to the taxi squad, as Pastor Adam Tietje will be leaving our church and will be on active duty as a chaplain at Fort Campbell, KY. It's going to be pretty much Landy and Tricia's call on a new blog for the youth ministry.

And we have totally removed "This Week In Milford". Yeah, we get the point. Gil Thorp sucks, and we're done with it.

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Dave Mackey said...

In the interim between this original post and now, Case Wagenvoord started another blog, and we eventually had to cease linking to it because of language issues.

I, however, have the sad duty to report that Case Wagenvoord died today of cancer. He had been battling lung cancer for the past year or so, resulting in the removal of one lung. He did try coming back to sing with the choir, but it was just too much for him to handle, valiant as he tried. RIP, Case.