Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bess Mess '09

I didn't even have to take a new picture this year.

You will recall last year in this space, we bemoaned the disappearance of Bess Myerson's Miss America plaque on the Rose Walk and its replacement by a municipal garbage can. We spotted this on the Thursday of the NJEA Convention last year. The convention is still held in Atlantic City, while Miss America no longer calls the seaside town home.

Exactly one year later, the situation has not changed.

Bess Myerson was one of the more important Miss Americas. She is so far the only Jewish Miss America, and she later became a television personality in her own right, appearing as a model on quiz shows, then later as a valuable member of the panel on "I've Got a Secret" from 1958 to the program's cancellation in 1967. She's still alive, although semi-retired. Why, then, is her plaque gone from the Miss America Walk and a trashcan unceremoniously placed where Bess' rightful place should be? I mean, even Vanessa Williams has a plaque, and she posed for those dirty pictures.

I think this is the year I start digging for answers.

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Callie said...

And NOBODY'S doing a thing about it? This isn't right at all, Dave. Bess Myerson may have been the first ever Jewish Miss America, but to remove her plaque? That is so not right at all. :(