Sunday, August 29, 2010

BP Trouble?

Hi, folks. Been a while since I have talked to you about my health. As you may or may not know, I have had some real health issues over the years, beginning with a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes in 1996. Three surgeries for detached retinas in 1998. Hospitalizations in 2003 for high blood sugar and 2004 for heart issues. The last introduced me to my cardiologist, Dr. Douedi.

High blood pressure has been a fact of my life for quite some time but I think that we've finally come up with medications that have worked to bring it down. My last three BP readings have been in the 100-120 range systolic which is my target range. 140 is not normal for me, and I've run much higher than that for some time. Then, I got to thinking about my blood pressure kit. Mark Evanier discussed it in his blog last year. At the time the consensus was that the meters read 20 points too high. Do any of you - either Blog readers or Facebook friends - have any experience with this type blood pressure meter?

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