Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome Back, Irv Spector

Paul Spector is planning on resurrecting his tribute blog to his father, noted animator and cartoonist Irv Spector (1914-1978). Spector was noted for a series of highly stylized cartoons at the Paramount Pictures Cartoon Studio in the early 1960's, which he wrote, storyboarded, and in many cases animated.

Paul Spector's blog has been dormant for the last two years until three days ago when he posted about his late cat Ollie. As such, we have moved the Spectorphile back into the stack of active blogs.

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p spector said...

Dave, I obviously must have missed this post. Figure about earlyish 2013. Will be mostly the remainder of Coogy and a few comic books if I can nab them. Hope you're doing well.