Sunday, January 29, 2012

That Time Of Year Again!

For the past six years, we at (okay, it's just me...) have been dutifully covering the advertising offerings in the biggest football game of the year. We're going to do it again on Sunday, February 5, in the blissfully (well, as blissful as you can be when you have the league goons watching your every move) retitled "Seventh Annual 'Big Game' Ad Review".

For the seventh year in a row we will provide instant analysis and grading on the ads that occur during the Giants-Patriots game. Last time we did a Giants-Patriots game, the Giants won. The best ad that year was a Coca-Cola spot featuring Macy's parade balloons of Underdog and Stewie Griffin (the latter being a fictitious balloon - damn you, vile ad agency!) battling it out for a Coke.

Since the NBC Traffic Department is still scheduling the airtime I'm not going to venture what the exact schedule is going to be in years past. I'm just goinna let them run and see what happens.

The ground rules are the same as in years past. We rate all spots with the exception of movie trailers, which we believe to be a breed apart, and the NFL house ad. Only in-game spots are considered. No pre game or halftime stuff. No local avails are considered. Any ad with a DO NOT ATTEMPT disclaimer is automatically disqualified. That should kill any and all car ads right there as more and more of these spots, even showing a tame little sedan going down Main Street USA at 20 mph still will red-flag the lawyers into insisting on a DO NOT ATTEMPT super. And yes, we must acknowledge the presence of the League Goon who hands out the obligatory hats you can buy at the NFL Shop (URL not provided, search for it yourself you bastards) the minute the game ends. Game prediction: Giants 27, Pats 13. Go Giants. See you next Sunday.


Dave Mackey said...

We can already drop from consideratiion the single most anticipated spot, the Honda CR-V spot with Matthew Broderick as a latter-day Ferris Bueller who's looking for a day off. Yup, DO NOT ATTEMPT.

Callie Ray. said...

Not gonna do it at this juncture. #HondaCRVAd