Sunday, February 05, 2012

Seventh Annual DaveMackey.Com Big Game Ad Review - Recap

The full live blog appears in the previous post, and as usual we had a blast. This year didn't raise the bar for Super Bowl spots, by no means.

Disclaimer-happy spots ruled the day. A record 7 spots featured at least one "Do Not Attempt" disclaimer, which results in an automatic disqualification. This included both spots for Hyundai. Best turnaround advertiser was Bridgestone, who brought forth two very funny spots with not a disclaimer in sight, unlike in previous years. One of the Bridgestone spots, the H&M with David Beckham wearing briefs, and a 2:00 Chrysler spot that technically should not have counted were the best spots of the night from this corner. Worst spots of the night went to General Electric, trying to make turbine production exciting.

Here then is our recap of eacn break and the spot grade.

Break 1
C Bud Light Platinum
DQ Audi Vampires :60
Break 2
B Pepsi (Elton John)
DQ Hyundai
Break 3
C Bud Light Platinum
A- M&M's
C Best Buy
Break 4
B- Coca Cola (bears 1)
B Chevrolet Trucks :60
Break 5
B Bridgestone Football
C- Go Daddy
C Lexus GS
-- Battleship
Break 6
B Budweiser Prohibition
B Doritos
B+ Chevrolet Happy Grad
Break 7
C- GE Turbine / Budweiser
-- John Carter
B Tax Act
Break 8
-- The Lorax
B+ Volkswagen Beetle
Break 9
A H&M (rated by the women in my house)
B- Coke (bears 2)
Break 10
DQ Chevy Sonic
-- Star Wars Episode 1
Break 11
-- The avengers
C Teleflora
A- Skechers
Break 12
DQ Doritos (NOTE: This was the USA Today "Ad Meter" winner)
A- E*Trade
-- G.I. Joe
Break 13
A Chrysler 2:00 (some spot listings are counting this an in-game spot...)
Break 14
C Fiat Abarth
B- Pepsi Max
Break 15
A- Toyota Camry
C Coca-Cola (Bears #3)
C Dannon Oikos
C Century 21
Break 16
B Acura NSX Seinfeld
Break 17
B Budweiser through the years
A Bridgestone Basketball
Break 18
DQ Honda CR-V
-- Navy SEALS Movie
B Met Live "Everybody"
Break 19
DQ Hyundai
B- Bud Light "Here, Weego"
Break 20
DQ Kia Optime Limited
Break 21
C Samsung Galaxy Note
Break 22
C Cadillac CTS
C History Channel Swamp People
C Go Daddy Cloud

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