Saturday, April 21, 2012

AI Twitter Scoreboard

Since this year the geniuses of "American Idol" have decided to give each of their contestants their own official Twitter account, it was interesting to see how many followers each of the remaining contestants have. The numbers are not surprising.

Jessica Sanchez - 213,660 (@jsanchezai11)
Phillip Phillips - 207,202 (@pphillipsai11)
Skylar Laine - 90,196 (@slaineai11)
Hollie Cavanagh - 69,196 (@cavanaghai11)
Joshua Ledet - 62,499 (@jledetai11)
Elise Testone - 62,024 (@etestoneai11)

See if this holds through the end of the competition but I see a Jessica-Phillip final, in spite of my rooting interest in Elise, who spent her teen years in New Jersey.

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