Friday, May 19, 2006

NASCAR Leaving XM? You Can't Be Sirius!

Sirius Satellite Radio announced today that radio coverage of NASCAR races is moving to its service after several years on rival XM Radio.

As someone who has invested rather heavily in XM (in more ways than one - I bought a car with the XM already installed), I feel that my XM subscription has been sadly devalued. If you feel the same way, drop a line to and let em know you'll be contacting their customer service department seeking redress. (Like I did - I'll let you know if it worked!)

EDIT: We had to change this post. It came to my attention that Sirius and NASCAR made this big announcement during Speedweeks at Daytona back in February. And where were we?

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Dave Mackey said...

Of course it didn't work. And it's water under the bridge, now that XM and Sirius are the same company now.