Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fresh Bloggage

Besides the restoration of Earl Kress' blog, we've added a couple new blogs to our Blogroll. Visit them all!

  • Besides being an actress, Lisa Jane Persky is an accomplished photographer and designer. She exhibits some of her work on her weblog and also has other essays. You might remember Ms. Persky from such films as "The Coneheads" and "When Harry Met Sally..."

  • J. Keith van Straaten is one of those "talking heads" you see a lot on those VH1 type shows, plus he hosted up until last year a live version of "What's My Line?" that regularly sold out a 99-seat theatre in Los Angeles. He's moved on to some exciting new projects.

  • And finally, Lloyd Thaxton, perhaps the last guy on earth I ever expected to have a blog, has a blog. He was responsible for a show I actually watched as a child, "The Lloyd Thaxton Show", which was a syndicated dance-party show that used the Herb Alpert tune "So What's New?" as its theme song (and I'll bet HE doesn't even remember that bit of minutae!), plus a number of quiz and other TV shows. He's won five Emmy Awards for his work.

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