Friday, August 15, 2008

Things I Will Not Miss About Chris Russo

WFAN announced yesterday that Chris Russo has left the station, presumably to go work for Sirius Satellite Radio. My WFAN listening is not as constant as it was in my single days; however, I have had an inkling that Mike and The Mad Dog were not going to be a team any longer. Mike Francesa has signed a new contract to continue as a solo act on the station.

However, here's what I won't miss about the Mike and The Mad Dog Show.

1. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYBODY!" This opening made it seem like it was Chris' show and Mike was just along for the ride. At least they could have taken turns opening the show.

2. The Giants. Not the New York Giants, but the San Francisco Giants, which Chris was so enamored of. Yeah, that plays really well on a NEW YORK sports station. If you're going to work in a market, get behind that market's teams, "will ya please?" (to borrow a Russo catch phrase).

But what will I miss? The unique chemistry these two brought to the air. The best radio partnerships have some yin and yang to them. Mike Francesa was all about connections (right, Bill Parcells?) and knowledge. Chris Russo was all about noise. But in more civil times, these two really clicked and made for listenable radio.

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Dave Mackey said...

Since I wrote this, I came up with one other thing I'll miss, and one other thing I won't miss.

What I'll miss - the annual appearance of the Marquis, and his tough questions designed to get five lucky listeners trips to the Super Bowl ever year. I'm sure the Marquis will follow Russo to Sirius, should he land there (unless there's one of those "intellectual property" issues that dogged Letterman when he moved to CBS).

What I won't miss - Chris' contempt for athletes who won't answer tough questions in an interview. Sports reporters won't always get all the answers, Chris. Face it.