Monday, August 04, 2008

What a Weekend for Music!

Saturday, I took the family to Atlantic City to see the American Idols tour. Strange that they can say American Idols but cannot use the show's logo - perhaps some sort of legal thing with Fremantle. Who did I like the best? Carly Smithson, of course. The reactions to the Idol top ten only intensified as each one got closer and closer to Your American Idol, David Cook.

Sunday, I volunteered at Toms River Fest, working the north gate. Believe it or not, the gate is a pretty good place to hear the music. Avril Lavigne was pretty good but only gave her fans 40 minutes of music instead of the advertised 85. Daughtry is a true talent and he and his band gave a very well received performance.

When TR Fest premiered three years ago, in 2005, it was four days, all day, and just a bloated presentation. The 2006 version slimmed each day down somewhat, but the new streamlined two-day format is much better. I think the ticketing aspect was much better managed this time out, and processing people into the festival was a lot easier with barcoded tickets and hand scanners. Only those people wishing to come back needed to be wristbanded. It was a pleasure working the North Gate with my new boss at North Dover Elementary, Ed Keller, and other volunteers from my school as well as High School South. Can't wait to do this again next year - and please don't make us wait until 2010!

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