Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"OMG! Someone Got The Showcase Right! What Do We Do Now?"

This clip has generated a lot of debate on Internet game show boards. It is from Tuesday's episode of "The Price is Right", where apparently a fellow with a great love of the show and a photographic memory shouted out a number (23743) to a contestant, which sounded reasonable enough to bid.

What's hacking people off his how Drew Carey really underplayed this moment. And whether Mr. Know-It-All belongs in the audience of "Price".


Callie said...

What are the odds of that happening on TPiR?

IMO, either Drew was speechless about it or something else was bugging him.

Dave Mackey said...

What I think was bugging Drew was that he, and everyone else in the studio, had to endure a 45-minute stopdown (very rare for the show) to decide how to handle this moment.

It's interesting to note that the other lady bidding in the top winner's position came within $1000 of her showcase, which, under normal circumstances, would also have netted her both showcases.

But, you have to be the closer one of the two. This was a case where a really good bid got trumped by a freak occurrence. You can count on one hand the total number of perfect showcase bids over the years, out of almost 7000 episodes and 14,000 showcases.