Monday, February 16, 2009

Globetrotters Then And Now

I grew up watching the Harlem Globetrotters during their golden era in the 1970's. Back then, it seemed the Globies were everywhere, including Saturday Mornings when they headlined no less than three different shows.

Happily, the 2009 Globetrotters, who appeared at the Izod Center today, may be different players, but they are the same in the two most important ways - their basketball skills and their wonderful regard for our children. Some of the routines are exactly the same as performed by Meadowlark and the rest of the 70s gang, but that's OK. I had a great time.


p spector said...

I saw the Trotters last year at the Nassau Colliseum. You are right about them in all respects. I took my son who, although never having met his grandfather, knew quite a bit about the Trotters already because he'd seen them on the old Scooby Doo series (which his grandfather worked on.) Not necessarily ironic, but it made Scooby a good case for cable TV in my house, of all things.

Callie said...

I recall seeing the Globetrotters at the now long-gone Hemisfair Arena back in 1988 with my late father.

I did recall seeing The Super Globetrotters on Boomerang last year, and (if possible) the network might bring it back to it's schedule. With their big library of old and modern-day shows, it's hard to tell.

OTOH, they might spotlight it one month.