Sunday, February 22, 2009

Old UCC Commercial

I found this ancient commercial on YouTube. As you know, the United Church of Christ has been publicizing their "All The People" campaign, celebrating its status as an inclusive church where all are welcome. However, in the 1970's, the UCC wasn't quite as market-savvy as illustrated by this kiddie commercial that ran in many local avails that weren't already taken up by spots for Lite-Brite. The animation style probably inspired those Parker and Stone fellers to do their own version... ya think? Anyway here's the spot.

Aw, here's Lite Brite. They bought time. See the comments for a nice theory on who the voiceover for this spot is.

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Steve Carras said...

I remember those, but until I saw that one, I only remembered the one with the children in the hollow tree trunk [try showing that today..even then there was an animated icebox reminded folks not to hide their kids in there.]

Good Grief, Charlie Brown! The message and animation looks very Peanuts like. Wonder who produced and did the voices for that.